Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Road Work Wednesday

Okay, this is not the section I was driving through today, but you get the idea.
This image is from farther downriver, in the Royal Gorge.
In July. I didn't
have a camera with me today.

Never fear, there's still time to leave a comment on Monday's post and be entered in the celebratory giveaway. But we do not rest on our laurels here at Brush and Baren. There is work to be done, by golly.

First on the list was to return a piece of equipment to a friend in Colorado Springs. It's a long way to drive (2 hours each way) just to return something, so my original plan included time to draw at the zoo there.

Plan A: Make the trip last Friday. But last Thursday the weather forecasters were all predicting snowpocalypse, so I decided it could wait. In the end we got diddly squat for snow between here and the Springs. Denver (another hour beyond) got almost 2 feet.

No problem. I had Plan B: Make the trip Monday. No precipitation in the forecast for the entire week. Perfect.

So why, when I woke up Monday morning, was the ground completely white and the sky filled with snowflakes? What the....!@#?!?! (Grumble grumble grumble.)

By yesterday morning we had probably six inches of the white stuff on the ground here, and there was snow in the forecast again for tonight, but DANG it, I had to make this run. So off I went this morning, fingers crossed for good roads.

Aside from a few icy spots in the canyon and some thin fog and wet roads on the Front Range, the journey was uneventful and even completely snow-free in areas. Still, I didn't feel right about dilly-dallying when travel has been so unpredictable, so instead of going to the zoo, I opted to turn right around for home and make some stops in the canyon along the way.

"The canyon" is Bighorn Sheep Canyon, through which flows the Arkansas River. It's a popular stretch for whitewater rafting, and if Christo's proposed "Over the River" project gets approved it will also be the site of that installation. Most of my trips through the canyon are just that: through the canyon en route to somewhere else. It was nice to take my time today and enjoy the view.

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  1. Nice sketches! And i'm glad you had a safe and successful journey!