Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Slippershod (not slipshod) work

It's a little frustrating to look out my studio windows into swirling snow when friends elsewhere are posting images of blooming daffodils and greening grass. Such is the way of spring in the high country. (sigh)

But these are the sorts of days in which I am grateful that both the DM and I can work at home. A cup of tea and my slippers are all I really need to get down to business.

This morning it's the business of contemplation. The goldeneye piece ("No Time Like the Present") has been waiting patiently for resolution, and the new piece I'm working on has reached the inevitable "What next?" stage. Decision-making time looms.

I messed around with additional colors in the figure of the goldeneye but didn't like the result... today I think I'll try a few additions in the water and see what happens. Ultimately I think the piece will probably stand as is, but I need to satisfy myself that I've explored other possibilities.

Meanwhile, the new linocut in progress is also of waterfowl. I'm feeling superstitious about showing much, despite the fact the piece is at least ten colors along! I am pleased with the way the birds have developed, but the rest of it is a big question mark. For now all you get are the first two colors, applied again with the use of a stencil (yeah, I've been diggin' this stencil business).

So I'm off to stare at blocks and prints and tools as I search for the next steps in both of these images. If you hear a cry of "Eureka!" and see some ratty slippers tossed into the air, you'll know I've found what I'm looking for.


Update: I added one more color to the top edge of the goldeneye piece today. I struggle to get a good shot of blues with a digital camera, but here's the final version of "No Time Like the Present."


  1. Looking forward to watching the progress!

  2. I think the goldeneye looks great with the latest addition. Nice print.

    Snow in CO, snow in Tokyo (Dave Bull posted a photo this morning), and tonight we're supposed to get some in Massachusetts. I'm gonna go get my slippers ready. Happy leap day!

  3. As a writer, it's not uncommon whatsoever for me to spend way too much time nitpicking between two words, or even whether to keep a single word.

    Does _your_ art allow a similar fine-tuning? Or are your decisions pretty permanent?

  4. Sherrie, I've enjoyed watching your process (struggle) with this print. I think it has turned out very nicely. The Goldeneye is one of my favorite ducks. I've been enjoying watching them the last few months here on the Seattle waterfront. Very nice likeness you have rendered of this striking bird. Thank you!

  5. I think it's a very successful result Sherrie but I know what you mean about going back and re-visiting :)

    I get a lovely sense of depth and movement and almost feel the duck is going to swim right out of the image.


  6. it is a perk of working from home, can stay in pjs all day :p

  7. Thanks, all... slippers and pjs are fine work attire!

    As for "nit-picking,".. there's a certain amount of tweaking that goes on at each step, but since I'm working in reduction I am committed once I move on to the next step. Any big changes mean it's back to a fresh block!