Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Art road trip

Welkom in Nederland!

The past two days have been a whirlwind of exhibition activity as we celebrated the 20th Jubilee of the Artists for Nature Foundation. Friends and colleagues from across Europe and the United States (some of whom I had not seen since 1994!) gathered to tell stories and share artwork and eat and eat and eat.

It is really quite impossible to describe how it feels to be with "the tribe." My emotions ran the gamut from delight to dismay... Delight at being with friends and honored to be included with some of the world's most accomplished wildlife artists... And dismay at always feeling I should be doing more! More drawing, more printing, more work. Everyone is so busy with so many projects (and creating such spectacular art), it's both inspiring and intimidating.

Reception over, I am now visiting friends and fellow artists in a few towns in Holland and then maybe I will travel to Paris to see a big exhibition of animal art.

Internet access is a bit sparse at the moment, so it's not clear when I'll get to post this. More news and photos to come!

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  1. Oh, this exhibition is so close to where I live! I have to see it!

  2. Oh, how exciting! So much to see. Have a whole lot of fun. Also food. Have a whole lot of food. And wine...Oh, you get the idea.