Thursday, May 31, 2012

Things you don't see every day...

Thing You Don't See Every Day # 1: I think this has to be the first time I've ever seen my name on marquee. I'm not sure what I think about it. Eek.

If you'd like to witness this phenomenon in real life, come on over to the Paquette Gallery at the SteamPlant tomorrow (Friday, June 1) from 5-7pm for the advertised art reception.

Thing You Don't See Every Day # 2: Bighorn sheep. We do see them in our area, but  I was surprised to find a trio of young rams down this low at this time of year. We are struggling with a deepening drought and I expect they're after whatever grass and water they can find. They're looking mighty scruffy... still trying to lose their winter coats.

Thing You Don't See Every Day # 3: A dragonfly laying eggs in a pond. And I actually had my camera with me... that should be Thing # 3 1/2.

Thing You Don't See Every Day # 4: Field sketches. Finally. I escaped for a bit today to an area called Bassam Park, about half an hour or so from here. I hadn't been in there in a long time, and I'd forgotten how interesting the landscape is. (This is where the bighorns and dragonflies were, too.) Wild iris are still blooming and I spent several happy minutes watching bees at work.

You don't see so many Things You Don't See Every Day every day now, do you? I don't. Not usually. And certainly not every day.


  1. Rotten time differences. I hope this evening (your time)/tomorrow morning (my time) goes well!

  2. Dear Sherrie,
    You've worked hard and long to see your name on a marquee. Put on Broadway show tunes and make jazz hands and cake walk if you must, but celebrate this achievement....
    and getting to Holland and Paris!
    and back to actually drawing from life. It's all good, buy yourself a bouquet and some bon bons to cement the memory of your success.

  3. not sure how i would feel having my name on a board like that...probably a mixture of cool! and oh god! o.0 :p

    love the photos of the sheep! :D


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