Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Camp!

The slightly melancholy pile of camper gear headed back to the mainland
the last day of camp last year.

There was just enough time this weekend to unpack my suitcase, wash all my grubby field clothes, get the last of my workshop materials together, and repack. I'm still doing the "which shoes?" shuffle, but otherwise I think I'm RTG*.  (In a perfect world I'd be able to take hiking boots, sneakers, AND sandals, but I'm trying to travel carry-on only.)

I'm going to summer camp!

It's Educators' Week at Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine and, lucky me! I get to be part of the awesome instructional staff.

It's a long trek from Colorado to Maine, requiring oh-dark-hundred flight departures, so even though my first staff meeting isn't until Wednesday, my journey begins today. Three hours drive to Denver this afternoon, all day on planes tomorrow. Ugh. But once I arrive... well! Just look at these pix from last year and see what awaits us. 

 One has to stand in precisely the right spot to find cell service and score the WIFI from the island... so along with everything else we get to be blissfully unplugged this week. Good friends, happy campers, coastal discoveries and, of course, PUFFINS! I woke up this morning feeling just the sort of anticipation one WANTS to feel in the summer. I'm headed Down East, ya'll, see ya in about a week!

* RTG: Ready To Go!


  1. Have a great time! I'll be in Alaska doing my TEDx talk, so I'll be seeing that other ocean, and different puffins.... I hope it's an excellent week at camp!