Monday, August 27, 2012

Second linocut in progress, too...

When we last left our hero, she had just given herself a major dope-slap for having started a demonstration linocut on the "wrong" registration jig. (The non- transportable jig as opposed to the transportable one.) A second print was in order, especially since the clock is ticking and the demonstration piece needs to be to the almost-finished point by this coming Friday. (Tools need to be packaged and shipped ahead to the venue.)

So The Gull Piece has exited stage left and has been temporarily supplanted by (drumroll, please)...
The Duck Piece.

Geez, I can't seem to get away from ducks, can I?

The first 4 colors went down in quick succession:

1) A barely-visible-to-the-camera gray and a stenciled yellow dot.

2) A darker gray, and savvy (North American) birders ought
to be able to identify the species already. No, really!

3) A blended blue.
Sorry about the weird color artifacts... these three shots were taken one right after the other on the same table under the same light and you can see the color ranges from too pink to too yellow.  Go figure.

My schedule Monday is booked solid with tasks other than printmaking, which ought to give everything just enough time to dry so I can get back to it on Tuesday. I think this demo piece only needs two more colors until it's where I want it for the event.


  1. Sherry I love your blog and its honesty. it's too crazy in the making of the art to make mistakes and then figure out how to correct them ........but also to document it all and share the process with us.....Art as process, as in tightrope walking, reader than static object......
    Ah, to reach the static object phase!

  2. Golden Eye?
    Whatever - it'll be another good 'un.

  3. Savvy North American birders, huh? That sounds like a challenge and with my birding pride involved now, there's no backing down. I'm going to say it's a wood duck...

    (Um, is it? Pretty please say it is!)

    Can't wait to see the finished piece, and good luck with everything else! Whatever you do they'll love it because you are just that amazing.

  4. :-) Maybe it's NOT such an identifiable thing after all. Here's a hint: Beak.