Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Groove Returns. Almost.

Trail Ridge Road in RMNP. Complete with haze from fires all the way out
in Washington and Oregon.
Four days ago I came home from my last out-of-town workshop of the summer, a grand experience at Rocky Mountain National Park with fabulous, enthusiastic students. (Thanks, everyone!)

It took me until yesterday to come to terms with the fact that I am NOT immediately racing back out the door again. My suitcase is NOT open on the bed. The laundry has NOT been done. I am NOT carting boxes of stuff in to or out of the car.


It's not like I don't still have plenty to do. There are contract projects still in progress, a private workshop to prep for, and lots of planning to do for exhibitions and future projects. And, yes. I am twitchy to get back into a studio groove.

A corner of the Secret Linocut, complete with kanoodly
carving evidence.

I had my first taste of getting back to printing this weekend. Birds in Art is coming up soon at the Woodson Art Museum and I promised I'd send a little piece for their Project Postcard fundraiser. Which is, um, due this week. Yikes.

So the good news is, I made a little linocut this weekend. The bad news is that I can't show it to you. It's supposed to be a secret. 

The Birds in Art opening weekend (at which this mysterious lino will be revealed) is the first full weekend in September, so not THAT far away. And in the meantime, I'm going to get something else on the table this week that you can see. Because, of course, I also promised a demo during the opening festivities and I need to have a piece in progress to work on at the event!

I have to tell you that printing this weekend was a pretty wobbly business. Sort of like riding a bike, I guess. One might not forget how to do it, but one won't be particularly graceful about it after long hiatus. It will be a little bit before I'm poppin' wheelies again, but I can't wait to get rolling.


  1. that is a gorgeous view, even with the haze

  2. Welcome back to the 'hood, again. I think that lingering road-trip momentum is kind of like sea legs on land, when the motion continues, but you stop. More or less. I hope the freelance craziness isn't too bad, and the printing balance returns. Birds and Art is soon! Yikes.