Friday, January 18, 2013

Fieldwork Fishday

Fish sketch on Friday? Why not? Parrot cichlid and flag-tailed prochilodus, in case you're wondering. Guess which one's the flag-tail.

I was in Denver yesterday to shift some work around at Abend Gallery and to have lunch with my wee nephew, Alex. As you can see, he's not such a wee lad anymore. In fact, he turned 23 this week. Time flies. Fish flies? Flying fish? Sorry, I can't seem to tie these two together. Although when Alex was little he could do a very passable imitation of fish lips. ;-)

Back to el lino grande this weekend, although the fact that we're getting a warm reprieve after several weeks of sub-zero weather will probably keep me more out of the studio than in. I'm in serious need of some outdoor time.


  1. Alex is 23? Yikes. Where does the time go? Love those fish, and that grande lino is very exciting. You go (carefully, of course, so you don't injure your spoon hand)!

  2. dad had a Jack Dempsey cichlid, gorgeous fish, but nasty. ate all his tank mates o.0 and would jump out of the water to try to catch flies.