Monday, January 21, 2013

Long lino moves ahead

The big overall shapes of this image have been established and now it's time to get after the crazy little bits of color in the water reflection. The reference I'm looking at is over-the-top subtle with zillions of shades of yellow and green. Can you say, "Don't go there"?

Still, I want some life in the water around our avian hero, so the next step was to work up a less flat yellow-ochre blend.

The block is as wide as my widest ink roller, so in order to get really good inking on the edges I employed a second, smaller brayer to run the bottom edge. You can see the two blends inked up on the glass in the background above.

Another long printing session and the third pass is down. I think the next two steps will be to establish the bird better, then back to the water.

Here's a closer shot of just the right side of the image. I love this water pattern... so exciting to carve! And for those of you who work with linocuts, you'll understand when I say how happy I am that this particular piece of linoleum is fresh and soft. A delight to carve, especially with all these parallel lines.


  1. I really look forward to following your progress on this one. This is inspiring to me, since I'd have no idea what to do next. At least you have the courage to take chances and let your creativity flow.


  2. I don't think I've ever seen anyone capture water movement as well as you do, Sherrie. It's just perfect.

  3. Yowzer! You must have muscles of steel! I cut my first lino for a long time at the weekend, very simple and very small only about 4inch square and my hands and arms were aching the next day like a big wussie.

    I didn't even know you could get blocks this big. You are awesome Lino Queen!!!!! :o)

  4. FABULOUS! I always love coming to your blog... so refreshing. :) Can't wait to see how this one comes out!