Sunday, April 7, 2013

Linocut demo: Gerenuk

With the clock ticking and my Woodson Art Museum residency looming it was imperative that I get a demonstration piece started this week. The smartest idea, of course, would be to choose a simple image. Big, graphic shapes. Not too many colors. And, HONEST, I thought this would be that piece when I started. Really I did.

The gerenuk is an antelope native to East Africa... which is, of course, why I found them at the zoo in Denver. They are crazy, skinny, ungainly things to draw, but they have sweet tan faces with big, white circles around their big, brown eyes. A portrait might be nice.... and "just" three colors. Basically. Mostly. Kind of.

First carving of the linoleum block. For the brightest whites, of course. Rolled up in a transparent blue-gray ink to create some shadows.

Not much to see here, but the first color went fast. "Simple," I told myself. Again.

Second carving. Pay no attention to all those little lines I started drawing. This is a simple image.

Second color printed. Piece of cake. Now for some fun... the orange-y tan color of the overall face and neck.

Good. Great. Nice. Three colors down, breezing right along.

But, wait....

This is a mammal. It has fur. Fur would look cool. I can't just leave a big flat shape, can I?

Apparently not.



  1. Wow Sherrie, you sure can draw/cut! In the end it will be simple - for YOU! Love the antelope's sweet face. Hang in there. Over-committing seems to be the Way of the Printmaker.

  2. Simple… Riiiiiight! Uh-huh. And how's that working for you?
    Over-achiever! ;-)

  3. Such a pretty little face! Who said these things should be simple anyway! Just lovely. Thank you for showing this.

  4. Love your writing, 'almost' (well, not quite) as much as the work. Always makes me smile.


  5. Terrific blog post, Sherrie. We're counting the days until your Woodson Art Museum residency. We just have to do something about the snow still on the ground (smile). See you soon, Kathy

  6. Yeah, but such a great face and a terrific print taking shape. I know you: You'd rather have terrific any day over simple. (And the stories I can tell about the "simple" finish carpentry projects I've been laboring at for months....)

  7. :-D You all are simply the best. Wait until you see what happened next...

    Kathy! Snow? Get out the great big hair dryers and get that stuff outta there!

  8. they are such neat animals, really impressive when you see them stand on their back feet to reach their food in trees

    the word simple and you just doesn't go together ;)