Monday, May 27, 2013

Linocut in progress: Columbine Part 2

Carrying on with the blue columbine reduction linocut. Not a lot to show in terms of steps, but plenty of drama...

Step 4
Difficult to tell here, but this was a third purple-blue color. And then? Whoosh! Big change!

Step 5

It took a few tries to hit the right tone with this step... a blended blue-green to yellow-green. I'm still a little worried that it might have been too much dark too soon, but I'm hoping it's okay. We'll find out on the next pass.

The surprise here is that I'm doing a big (for me) edition. I'm starting with 50+ prints, a far cry from my usual 15-20. It's a small image, just 5x7-inches, but fifty is a lot for me to print with a baren.

It IS awfully fun to see them all lined up (back-to-back, even!) on a full drying rack, though.


  1. Cool! And yowza on that print run. That's a biggie. Your baren arm is going to be twice as big as the other one.... Can't wait to see that columbine continue to emerge.

  2. 50+! thats a huge run, good luck with it :)

  3. Wow! I just love the early stages but it's amazing when the darker colour goes on and the whole thing changes so dramatically! Looking good so far!!!