Saturday, June 15, 2013

Exhibition News: I am officially overwhelmed!

"Shower with a Friend," reduction linocut, 15" x 15"
If you are an artist, or if you hang around with artists, you are probably familiar with the phenomenon of The Juried Show. Artists submit "slides" (usually digital images these days) of their work for consideration by a juror or jurors, who review all submissions and select which pieces will be included in an exhibition.

Juried shows can be, if you'll excuse the expression, a bit of a crap shoot. Even well-established professionals with consistently fine work and impressive exhibition histories can, and do, get "The Small Envelope" (rejection notice). So when I decided to enter a few "new-to-me" shows this year I had high hopes but moderate expectations.

Um, well. As of this afternoon I am officially six-for-seven on The BIG Envelope.

"Ripples," reduction linocut, 12" x 9"
This is wonderful news, of course, but logistically overwhelming. I have two delivery deadlines in the next two weeks and four more in August... all of which have have different requirements for framing and shipping. And did I mention I'm going to be out of town from July 8 through August 6?

Upping the ante this week:

The Wildlife Experience in Art, Rocky Mountain Animal Artists at The Wildlife Experience, Parker, Colorado. Show opens September 28 with a "Wildlife Art and Wine" event.

Shy Rabbit Print International IV, at Shy Rabbit Contemporary Arts, Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Show opens July 27.

More details of the ever-evolving show schedule are on the Exhibition Schedule page here at Brush and Baren.


  1. Overwhelmed perhaps, but congratulations on getting into six of the seven juried shows you applied for! That says a lot about your work, and all of it's good. Yay for you, and may the framing, packing and shipping go well. (And the sales be good as well.)

  2. congrats on getting all those big envelopes!

  3. I'm not surprised, your work is fabulous. I think you have the right attitude towards juried exhibitions. I treat them as a lottery. I pretty much submit and forget about it. When you're accepted it is a lovely surprise. If not the, meh.

  4. Congratulations on your successful applications! That's great!

  5. Fantastic! May you sell out of all your stock and be able to get that new press you have been dreaming about but have not told anyone yet!

    Keep carving!

  6. No surprise here either! Good for you! When you get them all uploaded you can sit back and enjoy your out of town event!