Friday, October 4, 2013

Not-so-Fieldywork Friday

Guess what this is:

Yep. It's a pile of lino-kanoodles. Guess where it was made.

Yep. Here! In the new Studio F!

Posh, isn't it? Maybe a wee bit too posh... I'm nervous about the carpet, but I bought another rug (Look! It matches! Sort of.) for the area directly under the print bench, so hopefully it will be okay.

That long surface on the far wall will ultimately hold computer, scanner, and printers. Right now it's just a lovely clear space. There's also a folding table that may or may not inhabit the center of the room. In a perfect world it will only come out when I need extra horizontal surface.

This room is roughly the same size as the one I came out of, with the minor problem of no closet storage. The biggest disadvantage is that this studio is again upstairs, so my big, heavy flat files for paper and print storage are not here. Thankfully the unit I have rented to store all my household goods is downstairs in this same facility, so the cabinets won't be far away. I've got some archival boxes to hold my immediate needs upstairs and will just get more exercise when I have to replenish.

The advantages include better light and a proper professional space to host the occasional open studio. And without the monstrous flat files taking up so much real estate I have more room to move about, stand back from the work AND give the drying rack its own wall.

And my one window has a pretty darn nice view, once you get past the industrial buildings below.

It will feel "homier" once there are prints drying on the rack and after the computer and its varied equipment gets in place it will feel like a versatile workspace. (My contract work requires a lot of computer time, and it's nice to be able to do bits and pieces while waiting for ink to dry.. or sneak a few minutes to carve in the middle of something more tedious.)

The one "lifestyle" change that I've yet to manage is that this space is far enough from where I'll be living that it's not convenient to just pop home for lunch. If I want to avoid too many trips to the nearby fast food joints (bleah) I'm going to have to plan ahead. No more random grazing trips to the fridge... which could be a good thing.

All things considered I think it will be an interesting new way to work. The carving I did today probably won't come to much... the design was thrown together without much thought... but I wanted to at least go through the motions of working to see what I might have overlooked in this setup. But I started to draw up a new seabird lino, and got a workable idea for a small print commission, and it felt good to be thinking about something other than packing and unpacking.


  1. Yeah! Sherrie, so happy to know that you're at work in a workable space.
    Packing a lunch is a worthy price to pay for a decent studio.

  2. Looks good so far.Everything needs the occasional tweak, but I see more goods than bads.
    Good luck!

  3. Congrats on making the move. I have to say, that's a pretty great distant view. Might turn out to be inspiring in more ways than you think. I hope the shakedown print and computer hookup cruise is going well. I'm moved too, and very, very happy. (Well, okay, there are a few things in the shop and shop yard still, but I can't move them until the grading is done at my new place. So I'm close.)

  4. I'm impressed! Wonderful that you are already nearly set up & ready to go! Can't wait to see what you create in your new space!

  5. Congratulations on the move.
    Yes, I would worry about the rug...not so much damage as much as just getting the chips/bits/flecks of wood (or I guess lino) out of industrial carpet might be a pain?. But you're in and you're back at work so things will fall into place fast. Congrats again.

  6. Really happy you found a new space and are already occupying it! Transitions can be difficult and upsetting but remaining open to all possibilities lets in opportunities to end up in a way better place/space. Last year was one of those years for me and I am happily settled into a new home and studio and feel like the worst is behind me. I have been thinking of you often and sending all good relocation thoughts your way...
    ps Did I ask you if you are going to SGCI in SF in March?

  7. looks like a great space :)and that is a nice view

  8. Glad to hear you've landed. I moved three years ago and your post brought those memories back. Makes me want to clean my studio so it feels fresh again!

    Wishing you happy art making in your new space.