Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fits and Starts (Mostly Fits)

Apparently getting the studio moved and set up before moving the rest of my belongings into storage was an idea that could have used some more scrutiny. Yes, it's nice to have the space more or less functional, but it's killing me that I can't get in there and USE it yet! Too much packing and moving still happening at home.


But all is not completely lost. Today I hit that stage of packing in which nothing either fits together or makes sense to be in the same box together, so I gleefully called a timeout and packed myself off to the studio.

As predicted, I abandoned the also-ill-conceived-but-desperate-to-carve-something piece I started last week and started something new. This is a commission piece, just black-and-white, but it's going to be a largeish edition (60+). I'm carving on unmounted lino because it seems prudent with an edition that size to enlist the help of Elvis* rather than baren print all of them.

 Tomorrow will bring a little more packing, a little more moving... and hopefully a little more carving.

* Elvis Press-ley is a Richeson "Baby" Press.


  1. In a just world, you could have your minion unpack for you, Sherrie.
    I love your drawings.

  2. love how the feathers look :)

    we still have boxes everywhere in we moved in last march :p

  3. Admiring both your artistry and your fortitude. Good luck with all the boxes and disarray.

  4. Wonderful that you can create something so beautiful when your world is not quite as optimal as you'd like! I also moved into a new home / studio in September - have no kitchen or even an indoor shower as yet - so I feel your pain!