Friday, April 18, 2014

Linocut in Progress: But not as much as I'd like

The best laid plans, and all that. Wednesday was to be a studio day, but a series of more administratively-related tasks unexpectedly popped up and well... things got stalled.

So the intended demo piece is not where I wanted it to be, and the next step is more complex than I want to deal with in a people-coming-and-going situation. Hm. I'll take it with me to talk about what's happening next, but I've drawn up another B&W block to work on during the day tomorrow.

Here's where we are, though:

Duet: reduction linocut, Step 4
Duet: reduction linocut, Step 4, detail
Except for the bits of black in heads, wings, tails, feet, the birds are (I think) finished at this point. Seems odd, but I do like the simplicity of them in just these few colors.

So now it's time to load up the car with half the universe. Honestly... is it possible I might some time go somewhere without my car loaded to the gills? Art to deliver, supplies for demo, even borrowed taxidermy to return to a museum. When I think about it... it's kind of funny! What might a future archaeologist make of the dig site that is my vehicle?


  1. to solve the car filling problem, maybe a bigger car?...then again it might just then get filled with bigger things :p

  2. Exactly, Jen. Expanding to fit the space. Although if I got one big enough to sleep in, too.... ;-)

  3. Lovely work - I really like the birds in blue and white, almost like part of the sky...