Thursday, May 8, 2014

Birds in Art 2014!

Okay, now I really DO need a break... to recover from a surfeit of good news!

This morning's bleary-eyed stagger to the keyboard snapped me wide awake when it revealed The Big Email from the Woodson Art Museum, confirming the selection of "Shower With a Friend" for this year's Birds in Art exhibition.

"Shower With a Friend," reduction linocut, 15" x 15"

Most of the time I more-or-less manage to maintain a more-or-less philosophical air about juried exhibitions, but Birds in Art is special and this year doubly so. Each year the museum names a Master wildlife artist, and this year that artist is friend and colleague Barry Van Dusen. The exhibition's opening weekend in September is a highlight of any year, but it will be particularly wonderful to be there to celebrate Barry's accomplishments.

Competition for this exhibition is always fierce–910 entries for 92 places this year–and it's always humbling to consider the many excellent pieces that are not included. Let's face it. I was tres nervous about this one.

The summer ahead is a busy one, but the weekend of September 6 now shines as the reward for hard work ahead and behind.


  1. Congratulations, Sherrie!
    Not so slow and steady pays off.
    This print is lovely, the water alone is so interesting that the birds are a bonus gift.

  2. Kudos, Sherrie! We're super happy for you, too. Here's to continued success and a great summer. See you in September, Kathy

  3. It's a wonderful print. It would be sad for the viewers if at least one of your prints didn't get in this show.

  4. Congratulations! I live only 2 hours from Wausau, so I'll be sure to look for your beautiful woodcut! :D

  5. Congratulations Sherrie. Well deserved as always!

  6. Congratulations Sherrie. Well deserved as always!

  7. Congratulations Sherrie. Well deserved as always!

  8. Thanks, everyone. Looks like Blogger put Deborah in a feedback loop... either that, or she was really really really supportive. ;-) Thanks, Deborah.

    Mel... be sure to track me down and say hello if you come over for the opening weekend in Wausau!

    Wendy... demand for this show is so intense that entries are limited to two per artist, and only one of those two pieces might make it. It's a nailbiter for sure!

    Kathy... Hooray! See you in September!

    Jen...can I take that rest you promised me, now? ;-)

    Patrick...Je t'aime, mon ami. Vous ĂȘtes le meilleur. Merci.

  9. Congrats! You didn't mention how many Birds in Art you've been accepted for in a row, but is this number 3 out of the past three years? (Or did I miss one?) Regardless, it's a wonderful tribute to your work. :)