Wednesday, May 7, 2014

What do I do with myself NOW?

"My" wall at the Governor's Show. Happy little red dots (and sticky notes, but
they are another story).

The last few days have been a blur. The Governor's Invitational weekend event was really lovely... with the added cheer of selling well! Many thanks to my new collectors, who will be honoring my work by bringing it home with them.

While I was still on the Front Range I got the good news that Coot du Jour was selected for the Society of Animal Artists' 54th "Art and the Animal" exhibition. Particularly exciting is that the show will premier at The Wildlife Experience museum in Parker... just a scant 3 hours from me.. so I'll be able to attend the festivities this year. If you're in the Denver area, mark August 23 on your calendars!

AND... last but absolutely not least... yesterday afternoon I delivered all the work for the seabird exhibition to my shipper! Eighteen new seabird pieces are winging their way east to Maine. Whew.

You should have seen the look on the face of my shipper's assistant when
I walked in with this pile and announced I had a project for them.

For reasons that are probably obvious I'm feeling particularly wiped out today. I have a long list of things I need/want to accomplish now that there's naught more I can do for Maine, but so far my energy level hasn't gotten past making an inventory of matted and framed work I have "in stock" for the upcoming summer season. I seem to be in slightly better shape than I thought, but there's still a lot to get ready before June!

I don't expect I'll get a new block on the table before the weekend, but never fear! Can't let moss grow on the cutting tools. Or whatever. Gotta keep working!


  1. what to do?? take a break for a few hours at least lol :)

  2. The works look gorgeous framed and on the dark wall. I forgot about your little "leaf litter" print which makes a great contrast visually.
    Lovely work. Great colors and contrast. Do take a little break. Congrats on the sales.