Thursday, June 12, 2014

Catching up, moving on

The problem with going out of town to participate in an art festival (for me) is the amount of time it takes to get re-organized when I get home!

I am pleased to say that last weekend's ASLD Summer Art Market event in Denver went really well... and would have likely been even better had the skies not opened up and poured rain and hail starting mid-day Sunday. There were even tornado warnings! Ugh.

But lots of linos found new homes, and I got to see friends I hadn't seen in ages. Ten or twelve years, in some cases! The response to my work was fantastic, which always feels good. Many visitors recognized "Coot du Jour" from its tenure as Best in Show at the League's Pressing Issues/Mo'Print exhibition this past spring, and I had a chance to enlighten lots of folks about the process of reduction printing.  In all a worthwhile endeavor.

Today will be the first time I get back into the studio to finish the sunset linocut. To get myself back in the proper headspace I went straight to work in pajamas this morning... drawing carving notes on the block. It's ready for tools, now... and my plan (!) is to accomplish all the carving today and finish printing tomorrow.

The rest of a busy summer looms on the horizon. I'll be on the road for almost all of July, so studio time will be practically non-existent. (sigh)  But hey... there will be plenty of workshop and exhibition reports to share... and hopefully some fieldwork done along the way.

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