Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Linocut in progress: Dark snow

I am madly packing for this weekend's Summer Art Market in Denver. The challenge will be fitting art and show gear in my (17-year-old) car, which is not the least bit practical for this sort of thing. I conceded my difficulties and paid to have a tent and display panels installed by the event (more expense, ugh) rather than rent a truck to haul the ones I have... but this means trying to cram everything else into a little 4-door Geo. It's like clowns in a toy car, except in reverse and not nearly as amusing.

Sunset linocut: Step 5, dark snow
But, hey... the sunset lino is going well. I had hoped to have it finished before departing on Thursday, but that's not looking too likely now.

Step 5 is a rich purple-y blue, which right now seems a bit overdone.... but remember we thought that about the orange, too. Believe it or not, this is the color of SNOW in this image. Trust me. It's gonna work. (She says. Boldly. With only a minor twitch to indicate that she's all swagger and no substance to back up her claim.)

I'm definitely having fun with this one.... if it turns out the way I hope it will, I can imagine a little series of sunset prints. Mayyybeeeee.......


  1. A sunset series sounds wonderful....and might inspire a moonlight on snow series? Atmospheric times of day/night? like Monet?

  2. You say you're having fun with this one and it shows in your comment. Very lively style :)
    Good luck with the trip.

  3. The print is looking good and best wishes for your show. I know all about the nightmare of trying to pack up a small car.