Sunday, July 13, 2014

Linos at the Ladies....

Twenty-four hours until departure for Maine... and The Mother of All To-do Lists* is hanging tough. Actually, I've just about reached the limit of what can be done before I go... the rest will have to wait until I return.. in August!

Meanwhile, a dozen linocuts are now gracing the walls of the excellent Laughing Ladies Restaurant here in Salida. Fantastic food AND nice art? How can you go wrong? Show hangs through September 3rd. Tell Jeff and Margy I sent you. ;-)

And last night I received an email that said "bring more art," since linos are winging their way to new homes from the Project Puffin Visitor Center show! Yikes. My suitcase is already packed to overflowing!

Added to that quandary... one of the pieces that needs to be replaced is a tiny (4 x 6 inches) black-and-white image... the complete edition of which I didn't have time to pull before the work was due in Rockland in May. Oops. So guess what I did today?

Yep. I pulled some prints. Three cheers for cobalt drier! It's nasty stuff, and I try to avoid it, but sometimes you just have to resort to chemistry to get the job done. Should be ready to trim up and add to the suitcase in the morning. And, hey! That item wasn't even on The Mother List.

I'm traveling with the full gamut of technology this trip, so will hopefully be able to do a post or two from the coast. That is if I can drag myself away from the water long enough!

(*The Mother of All To-do Lists: Life got so complicated this summer that my exhibition-and-workshop-related to-do list became a spreadsheet. Seventy-five actions on the list since June 1... and that's only the prep items. Actually teaching the workshops and attending the exhibitions is a whole 'nuther list entirely. Wrong, I say. Just. Wrong.)

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