Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Linocut experiments: Little hand-colored birds....

Okay, then! I finished painting the first set of little bird linocuts....

This first set took a little while... I wanted to keep the overall color palette cohesive so they could work as individuals or groups, so had to engage my brain cells. Hopefully the next sets won't take quite as long.

It's funny, but I felt a little guilty coloring these with watercolor rather than working them as full-on reduction prints. But my goal is to produce some inexpensive, "giftable" little images, so this seemed like a workable idea.

Here they are, all trimmed and ready to go. Almost. I'd like to have a few more sets done before I pronounce them ready to meet the world.

Once again, you may employ the embiggenator with a click.


  1. gorgeous!!

    dont feel guilty, nothing to feel guilty about creating nice work of art :)

  2. They are lovely! As a printmaker I understand that little inward voice that nags you about the watercolor "short cut". -- but really, doesn't that application of color by hand also make each of those even more personal and special, a gift from the artist's hand? Think about that!

  3. Ah, Kathleen... thank you for that reminder! I do enjoy and appreciate good hand-colored linocuts (look up Andrew Haslen as one great example... and Jill Bergman does very charming work)! I've just spent so much time explaining reduction printing at exhibitions that it feels a little... hmm... disloyal... perhaps.

    But I'm surprising myself by having fun with the painting, even if I'm discovering how awkward it is to paint the big sheet. ;-)

    Thanks for the positive responses, everyone!