Thursday, February 5, 2015

Linocut in Progress: Digging myself in deeper

I realize that it's been a while since I've shared the block for this linocut. (Read: I don't think I've EVER shared a photo of the block for this piece.) I guess it's about time.

Lino underway
It's no wonder I'm getting confused. Can you tell where I am?

The image seems to still be wandering around off course. Every time I think I only have two colors left to go I find I am very, very wrong.

Aspen leaf linocut, Step 11
So here we are at Step 11. This pass was a transparent gray... straight up black in lots of transparent base. Redder than I thought I wanted, but in the end I decided it was a nice way to add some little textures to some of the redder leaves.

Of course all bets are off when we move on, so guess what? I actually stopped to do some actual planning. Please, no one faint.

Here's how planning looks in my world: I took a photo of the print so far, flopped it around backwards in Unnamed Evil Adobe Photo Manipulation Software (so it matched the orientation of my block) et voila!

As a result of this doodling I decided I wanted to tone a few areas down, so I opted for a transparent white layer.

Aspen leaf linocut, Step 12

Hm. The weird thing about it is that it did tone down the small areas I wanted toned down. But ewwww. Weird purpley color. Most of it will be covered up after this, so I had to just cross my fingers and go on.

Aspen leaf linocut, Step 13
It took a ridiculously long time to find this color. Thankfully I've messed around so much with this print that I have lots of rejects to experiment on. I also now have at least four packets of odd gray inks that I mixed and rejected. Hopefully I'll find a use for them in another print.

I hesitate to say it, but NOW I think I'm down to just two more colors. I certainly hope so, I'm losing interest and confidence in the effort so far. With luck I'll have it all done this weekend.


  1. The taupe/gray is a bit off but the leaves are all very nice. The red leaves really pop and the yellow green ones and the pink ones are also interesting together. As of now, it would make a great kimono fabric....or silk vest....(I'd wear it)....but if this is going to be a forest floor I'm curious to see what does happen to that tan/gray/taupe-y bit. I'm curious but not have a knack for pulling winners out of the odd corners in which you occasionally find/paint yourself.

  2. *tries not to faint* :p

    Andrew is right, this would make a lovely fabric pattern :)