Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Linocut in Progress: Another blended roll

Much fussy carving was finally completed and the great fun of a great big roller began again.

This time the blend was just two colors, yellow and green. The ink was so bright as I rolled it out that when I looked away the whole room looked odd for a few seconds. It seemed maybe a little risky, but remember that these colors were going over a blue-to-purple blend and had lots of transparent base in them.

It's so bright! Where are my sunglasses?

The inking went a lot more smoothly this time than it did with the first blend. I think that next time I use a wide blended roll I might first print a very thin solid color, just to create an even base for subsequent colors. The second pass always seems to behave better than the first.

"Dreaming Deep" linocut, Step 2

I'm pleased with it so far, but not entirely sure where to go from here. The pattern is already very "busy," but it definitely needs at least one, possibly two more passes to give the water some depth and variety. And there's the little matter of two birds afloat on these storm-tossed seas. Well, actually, it's just a breezy day on the local pond, but I won't tell if you don't.

I realized I keep talking about this big roller, but I haven't shown it to you!
Here's my work surface, all cleaned up and ready for carving to begin on Step 3.


  1. Holy Roller, Batman! What a beauty. I can't believe how big you are going on this lino too. And you haven't started carving the birds yet? You are so brave and bold! My heroine! xoxo

  2. this is very impressive already even without the birds :D

  3. Amazing to what how you work. Not being a linocut artist I am fascinated how you build up the color. Thank you for showing us your progress.

  4. Isn't that roller GORGEOUS, Wendy? Oooh, I want my own in a big, big way.

    Thanks, Jen... I like all the pretty colors, I'm a little afraid to mess with it.

    You are most welcome, April! Thanks for coming along for the ride.