Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Surprise! How I'll spend my summer...

This morning I had correspondence with a friend in which we both celebrated and cursed the unexpected. Neither of us likes a life that is too predictable, but some kinds of change are more fun than others.

Thankfully I have just been granted some unexpected change of the positive variety, although it will be a bit of a scramble to get ready for it.

Some readers will know that I spend a week each July on the instructional staff at Hog Island Audubon Camp in Maine. It's environmental summer camp for grownups, and I cherish the time with colleagues and campers and friends.

This year I intended to stay on after "my" camp session as part of the island's fledgling Artist-in-Residence program. I was happily anticipating a little extra island time, but a phone call this past weekend has turned a few weeks into three months! One of the full time staff has unexpected change of her own (unfortunately not the fun kind) and a substitute is needed by the end of May.

Yes, end of May. Not July.

I was already losing sleep over the pelican linocut, and having to make a big decision in a short amount of time didn't help. My heart said "yes," but reality needed to be confronted. Some other commitments would need to be cancelled or rescheduled, and the logistics of showing and selling art from over 2,000 miles away would need to be dealt with. Not to mention that I already had plans to be on a whole other continent for two weeks in early July.

Of course I said "yes." Have I not declared an aversion to predictability?

So, it'll be a challenge to wrap my head around everything that needs to happen here, there, and the other place (on the opposite side of the Atlantic), but it certainly won't be boring. I'd really like to get another small print finished before I go, too... we'll see how that works out. But hey, I'm bound for an island in the Gulf of Maine for the summer. What's not to love about that?


  1. Happy for you, Sherrie. Sounds wonderful. And as fate would have it we will miss you. Sheryl and I will be spending the month of June on the Mississippi side of the Divide near Steamboat.

  2. How exciting!!!! Guess I won't meet you in Loveland in May!! We went to Scott Weidensaul's talk in Nebraska a couple weeks ago during the Sandhill Crane migration. Do they need more help....hehehe!!!!

  3. Oh, that figures, Jim.

    I definitely waffled about spending Colorado's second-loveliest season (I like autumn best) somewhere else, but I'm also committed to saying yes to new experiences whenever I can.

    Which of course, Moose, also means that I won't be at the opening of the Governor's Show in Loveland. (I'll miss it by two days.) The work will be there, though. ;-) We'll just have to find another time to connect.

  4. Congratulations!
    Wow, that's happy news.
    Wishing you a great summer.

  5. sounds like you will be very busy but def. something you can't turn down. just think off all the subject matter you have have at your finger tips :)