Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Return from the dark side. Almost.

I'm still deep in the mysterious zone known as "I-printed-a-lot-for-a-long-time-now-I'm-not-sure-what-to-do-with-myself." But there are signs I am emerging.

Yep. Them there be fancy schmancy new tools what just arrived yesterday. (Clearly my usual habit of crafting articulate English sentences is still on walkabout.)

And this might or might not be a photo
of a copy
of a photo
that I might or might not be using as reference
whilst I might or might not be drawing up a new lino.

You just never know.


  1. i only have one of those tools and i love it :D want them all but so expensive

    a copy of a copy of a copy...is it a bird?? owl maybe?

  2. Looks suspiciously like a knitting project!

  3. Jen for the win! I knew you'd know it. 'Tis indeed an owl. I tried to avoid it... owls are complicated (like knitting projects, Dinahmow!) with their crazy feather patterns.

    And of course the direction I think I'm going with it will make it even MORE complicated. Because that's how I roll. ;-)

  4. I use to paint like a madman for years, then I stopped, and only recently, did I start over again. I think that I understand you a little bit. !


  5. yay! months of bird research pays off :D hard to say which one exactly since a lot of the patterns on the top of the wings are so similar. and they can be very complicated to do, so looking forward to many many colours from you ;) :)

  6. Gaëtan, this happens frequently for me! If I have a few months of very intense print work I need some time to recover. And once I stopped working almost completely for two years. Starting again was SO difficult.

    Jen, the Canuck in you MIGHT know this one. 'Tis a small forest-y species. ;-)

  7. spotted owl? barred owl? leaning more towards the last one due to colouring. probably wrong the ;)

  8. Have fun with the Pfeil's; they are a dream to use. Save your pennies for the A set as well. :)