Thursday, May 12, 2016

Linocut in Progress: An Ode* to Transparent Blue

The daisies move from gold to green,
Yet of green ink no sign is seen.

Transparent blue, of course is used,
To shift us into other hues.

Daisies, reduction linocut, Step 6

A good result I do confess,
Yet more must roll before we rest.

Another pass with see-through blue,
Creates a greener green, 'tis true.

Daisies, reduction linocut, Step 7

But wait! It is not quite enough,
This print's still diamond in the rough.

Transparent blue again applied,
It's taking us on quite a ride.

Daisies, reduction linocut, Step 8

A day or two we must now wait,
For ink to dry and plans create.

(*With apologies to real poets, who will no doubt point out that while this may be an ode thematically, structurally it's more like couplets. And not very good ones at that.)


  1. Replies
    1. You should see it NOW. I did two more color passes last night. Just have to wait. ;-)

  2. with pen you make great sense to me
    with roller also most pleasingly
    applying ink is quite a trade
    but you can do with line AND shade!!

  3. A joy, I think
    that Mrs. Prink
    could play along
    in rhyme and song!

  4. Love, love love this sophisticated layering of blues! And I'm about to offset a reduction block (with a key block) and get started this morning. It's boats and water for subject matter. I'd like to know what transparent blue you're using to get those builds, if I may? Is this GC's Milori or Permanent Peacock Blue? Thanks!

    1. Hi Holly... I still have a stash of Daniel Smith inks, so these blues are created with either DS ultramarine or pthalo. (Mostly pthalo this image, possibly all pthalo, but I started with scraps of blue from another print, so I can't be sure.) I use very little pigmented ink in a pile of Graphic Chemical trans base 1911.

    2. Wish I hadn't missed out on those DS inks back in the day, but I appreciate the pthalo and ultramarine ID. I have those in GC versions and tons of 1911. Will be *very* sparing of pigment then. Thanks!!

  5. PS: Enjoyed the poetry accompaniment! : )

  6. Hi Sherry, I'm new to your blog. I love your work (very inspirational) but I also love your sense of humour. I found myself laughing out loud at some of your older posts :) I'm going to start working my way backwards from 2006 so I don't miss anything!!
    All the best, Alan (Australia)

    1. Hi Alan! Thanks for taking the time to say hello... I'm glad you're enjoying "Brush and Baren." Keep an eye out for comments by the reader "regulars," they can be pretty amusing, too. ;-) And ornery. That's why I love 'em. ;-)