Thursday, January 2, 2020

Linocut in Progress: First of the New Year!

New Year's Eve on the coast of Maine was snowy, rainy, and icy- good weather for spending the day carving a new lino block. The image is one that I had started work on before I left Colorado at the end of 2017, but never got back to after the move. This new version is a little smaller than my first inclination... 12 x 12 inches... with a more intimate view of the water. (Because of course I have to start the year with a bird-and-water piece!)

Linocut in progress, first carving stage

With the intial carving stage complete, I was able to stumble downstairs on the first day of the new year and embark on my inaugural "pajama printing*" session of 2020. I started with a pale transparent "seafoam" green-to-gray blend.

(*What? You don't print in your pajamas? You should try it some time.)

First color pass: pale green to gray transparent blend

Not much of this color will remain in the final image, but hopefully the green will influence the colors that go on top of it in the ways I envision.

Inked block ready to print

This time of year in Maine we have that slanting sort of late afternoon light... pretty much all day. Nice, eh? But I digress...

Step1 printed, reduction linocut.

There are a lot of little tiny white bits in this image, but with the pale color pass it's not easy to sort out what's going on.  That will resolve itself as the piece progresses (at least I hope so), but for now there's not much to see.  Except a lovely drying rack full of fresh, new prints.

New year, new print!

There are a lot of other projects already underway in the new year, but I'm glad I spent the day with this one. Readers, I hope you all enjoyed a fine holiday season and are ready to (ahem) press ahead with joy and enthusiasm. I'm glad you're along for the adventure.


  1. I love to print in my pjs. It's exciting to see this new print of yours off to such a subtle but sweet start. (Love the view out your window.)

    1. Hooray for pj printing! I think it's the best, really. :-)

  2. Beautiful work
    Printing pajamas made me laugh, still smiling actually. That's great! What brand should I buy?

    1. Hmmm... I think brand less important than stylishness. ;-) My favorites have stars and moons on them, but I've been known to print in puffin pjs also.

  3. Replies
    1. Well, it certainly is for us, anyway, eh? :-)

    2. lol yep. hell in Canada I would go to the store in pjs and no one would bat an eye. here people are not a fan lol

    3. Hahaha! Now there's something I'd like to see... the raised eyebrows and confusion of those observing pj-shopping.

    4. some stores have banned it lol too many women going in lingerie

  4. Replies
    1. Hi Black Dog! I hope you found your way to the subsequent entries about the development of this linocut... it's all done now! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. :-)


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