Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bit by bit, color by color

The pink ink was, I admit, kind of fun, so I felt a little sorry to see most of it go when I pulled the next color... a plain ol' brown.

But then I pulled the next, darker, brown and... okay. Now it's feeling like something good. Two more colors to go. And in real life the pink twigs look just dandy.


Sonya Johnson said...

That's looking outstanding, Sherrie! And I love that you are showing all the stages of the printing process :).

milane said...

Many thanks for your thinkings, feelings, photos of the successive stages of the printing process.
Actually the best blog on linocut.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Love it!!!!!!

Jeff said...

Pink just doesn't last, Sherrie. Even a puppy's pink belly fades.

Ann lewis said...

Looking good, very good in fact.
You;re enjoying this one aren't you? :)

Ann L

Sherrie Y said...

:-D Yes, kids... I'm having fun. Ephemeral puppy-belly-pink and all. Whew!

Milane, welcome, and thanks for your vote of approval!