Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oldies ARE goodies

It's that time of year again– the end of another turn around the sun approaches and for me that means a reorganizing frenzy. Forget spring cleaning. Around here it's the winter purge that gets me all fired up. I like to start a new year fresh and organized, and 2011 is now less than two months away!

As I whined about mentioned before, summer busy-ness has held over a few weeks longer than expected so the purge is slow to start. Our local library's twice-a-year booksale was this past weekend and I didn't even manage to cull a box of books to take over there before I came home with another stack.


Last night I decided that if I didn't do SOMETHING I'd get even crankier than I already am. (NOT a pretty concept, just ask the DM.) So... I opened the drawer storing my old, old linos and decided it was way past time to close out those editions. Anything 6x6 or smaller that was at least eight years old went into a special pile, and seven of those images went up in my Etsy store, Rio Salida Art, at $12 each.

Yeah. Twelve bucks.

In many cases I have just one or two pieces left in these old editions. A couple of the images, though, are things I carved, editioned, and then promptly put in the drawer, where they have languished for years. My Etsy store has been languishing (read: ignored) of late, also... so consider this a Brush and Baren readers' special. In another week or so I'll let folks know through my newsletter, but for now it's all you.

I expect I'll be adding a few more images as I consider where I've been and where I'm headed. It's always a funny sort of thing, trying to decide what to do with work created years ago. These pieces represent a different time in both my personal and professional life... steps along the path to the work I am producing now. While I don't consider these pieces any less valuable to me or to my process I do think it's time to make room for the as-yet-undiscovered work to come. So... consider these an early holiday gift for my loyal Brush and Baren readers, and help me make way for new work!

And speaking of new work.....

(And it's 12 x16 inches, to boot.)


  1. P.S. I wrote something extra in the "message to the seller" part - please don't miss it!

  2. The new lino looks exciting Sherrie, look forward to seeing how it develops.


  3. Fall is spring cleaning time for me too. I think it's the thought of spending more time inside -- those scary cobwebs in the corner have to go. Halloween is over!


  4. Sherrie, hold one great horned owl for me? It's a nice intro to Etsy, mailing my check tonight.