Friday, November 26, 2010

"Longing" linocut final

"Longing," 10-color reduction linocut, 12" x 16"
 Okie dokie. As promised, a nicer shot of the new linocut. (Click to embiggen.)

I think the title is "Longing," based on both my own sense of the image and some comments made by Brush and Baren readers. There are multiple interpretations, even for me– lengthening shadows, branches reaching out of the snow towards the light, the pink twigs ready for spring. A certain wistfulness.

Ideas for the next one are stumbling around in my head. Something birdy, methinks. I'm overdue for a critter image.

I took a long post-Thanksgiving-gluttony walk this morning, but I don't think it was enough. Time to grab that sketchbook and catch up with some thumbnails from some sunny spot along the river.


  1. It could be "Contentment," except that as soon as you recognize contentment, it's over. So "Longing" is good.

  2. Wistful or contemplative maybe?

    Just an idea.