Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh, okay. Some thumbnails. Just because.

Our freakish warm weather continues... crazy to think that it's the end of the first week in November and we're still running around in shirtsleeves! Makes it very difficult to stay in and get other things done... plenty of time for that.... later.

Last week's crazy schedule put me behind on my thumbnail sketches for the month, but today I caught back up. The wind made an appearance mid-day and I had to do a few of these from inside the car. (Not a bad deal, really... warm, no pages flapping in the wind, a non-tipping place to set my tea, and NPR for company.)

This afternoon I made granola and the DM made ginger-squash soup AND chicken soup. And then it was dark at 5:30pm. Rats. It really IS November.

I'm still scratching my head about the next color on the lino. I know what it IS... I just don't know how much of it I want. Next day or two. Promise.


  1. I just love your thumbnails and this thumbnail challenge. And the first color of the lino is so promising, a terrific composition and much lif in this diagonal design.

  2. ooooohhhhh thank you! I've been secretly wanting to request a peek at more of these, they really are exciting to look at. It's been strangely sunny this side of the pond for November too though a little cooler now.

  3. Glad to share the thumbnails, Lisa and Ghislaine. I'm having fun with them (most of the time). I'm feeling like it's time to mix them up a bit... maybe color... or ink... but it's hard to drag myself away from the satisfying "scritch, scritch" of plain old pencil on paper.

  4. You're sketches are very pleasing to my eye. I like how you are able to distill an undoubtedly complicated scene and put its essence into a little space on the paper. It was cool how you used negative space for the grass in front of the shed in one of your sketches. Very nice.


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