Thursday, November 18, 2010

Oh, so close!

One more color to go.... but it will be a couple of days. Just WAIT until you hear what I'm doing on Friday.

Yes, that's what I said. Wait.

Mean, aren't I?


  1. Dear Sherrie,

    This will indeed be a hit. The printing is coming along famously--each color looks essential and at the same time "effortless".
    But its the quality of the drawing that sings here.
    Still boggled by what's possible with opaque inks and looking forward to seeing this to the end.

  2. Meanie!

    No, you're not. You've shared the highs and the lows.

  3. Not mean. Just sassy!
    Fun to watch and read woman.

  4. I like your post. But here in my part of the world we've been on Friday for (let me see...) over 14 hours !

  5. Ooh! Sassy. I like that. Ghislaine is sassy, too, since she pointed out that I didn't account for time differential when I was being a smart-alec(ia). I love you all.

    Off to an adventure in the city that potentially involves gorillas, bed sheets, and a steamroller! Hopefully I'll have plenty of pics to explain!

  6. So beautiful. It's the essence of winter--brings me right back to being a kid, when you're so much closer to ground level and see the bases of shrubs in the snow, and the shadows, and know that evening is drawing in and you're going to have to come in out of the snow soon.