Thursday, July 24, 2008


I've been trying to draw for a couple of days now, but am tied up in contract stuff and making travel arrangements for upcoming workshops. It's been nearly impossible to arrange a flight to Portland, Maine at a decent hour, so when I suddenly found something workable and reasonable yesterday, I snapped it up.

Too bad it was a flight to Portland, OREGON.


Thankfully, Orbitz is really easy to work with. I called them right away and they cancelled the flight with only a $7.00 charge. And they were pretty darn cheery about it, too.

So... I'm feeling not unlike Wamba here. She looks a tad grumpy, but she's actually living the good life at the "Swiene Parradies" (Pig Paradise) in Holland. Swiene Parradies is a pastoral retreat for rescued pigs... my friend Robin D'Arcy Shillcock and I visited there on a misty afternoon a couple of years ago. Sketchbook pages got a little wrinkled by rain... but it was a nice, quiet way to spend some time.

It's all good.

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