Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get off your duff and hang your work

If you've been popping in to Brush and Baren for any length of time now, you've probably "heard" me mention Alyson Stanfield, Art Biz Coach. Aside from being one of the most inspiring-ly active women I know, she's pretty darn smart about marketing stuff. That's her book, "I'd Rather Be in the Studio," smiling at you from the sidebar.

Alyson's always got something cooking, and next week it's a groovy teleseminar about exhibitions. (Hint, hint MJ!)

If you have an exhibit coming up--or even if you want to create your own exhibit opportunities--you should check out "How to Curate and Install Your Art Exhibit Like a Pro." Alyson is presenting this 75-minute teleseminar on Thursday, August 14 at 3pm ET. And even if you can't be present, you can get the audio or CD version without missing a thing. You'll learn

-Tricks for planning and designing your exhibit (to make sure the focus is on your art)
-A checklist to help you practice by analyzing other exhibits
-Numerous ways to engage your viewers and help them connect with your art
-All kinds of rules for writing and hanging your labels
-Guidelines for revealing your prices
-You'll also receive an e-book that serves as a transcript of the call, but goes beyond the content of the call itself.

And just in case you haven't clicked on through to check it out yet, here's one more chance.

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  1. Thanks, Sherrie. Just saw this. And it was a terrific teleseminar. I love sharing that information!