Sunday, August 3, 2008

Star gazing

I'm working on illustrations for the chapter headings of a friend's new book. Just a little set of eight images of star constellations, a subject about which I know very little. It's been fun looking through books and online images to see some fabulous photography, like this view of the Pleiades in the "Astronomy Picture of the Day" section of the NASA site. (Astrophotography by Robert Gendler.)

I'm going to be off to Hog Island, Maine in a week, to be an instructor for Audubon Leadership Camp. I understand that the Perseid meteors will be in peak shower mode whilst we're there, and I hope we'll get good weather for watching them. (But please tell me WHY the peak stuff always happens at 2:00am. Hey! I need my beauty sleep! Snark.)

Anyway... It's been fun to do some simple little paintings this weekend, instead of bonding entirely too closely with my computer. Reaching out instead of in, up instead of down at the keyboard has been a nice change of perspective, even if it's just a 5- inch-wide imagining of something 100,000 light years in diameter.

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  1. I enjoyed your site. I found you through "I'd Rather be in the Studio"

    Good energy here..your art and your words.

    We share a love of nature, creatures, and of course art!

    Interesting to me also, was your mention of Hog Island. I go to Drayton Island every weekend and across from it is Hog Island, but it is in Florida. :)

    I will be back to visit.