Thursday, June 11, 2009

Linocut cogitation

It's pretty obvious there hasn't been a lot of linocut action around here lately, but I have been thinking about the next one in the "underfoot" series. We've had amazing (for us) amounts of rain the last couple of weeks, so it seems pretty natural to look for something green to tackle.

Green. Dare we even go there?

I've been taking some photos and doodling a few sketches, but until this morning nothing really started to speak to me of possibilities. As usual, I seem to be focusing on really complex compositions. Check out these candidates:

I like this last one a lot, but the first two in this series are vertical and I had it in mind that the third would be as well. I'm going to have to cogitate on that for a while. I don't think it works well to turn this one vertically... but maybe.

Of course, I could always just DO it, and not worry about whether it "goes with" the others.

I'm going to go paste 'em in my sketchbook and draw on them for a bit to see what grabs my attention. Other than lunch. Which should be soon. Maybe now.


  1. Once again, the idea of these images in reduction hurts my brain!But I know you'll come up with a goodie.

    I have lino to cut, but at barely above freezing I'm too shaky.Weird for coastal tropics, huh?

  2. I like the second to last one. the rock acts as a good focal point.

    You should just do the one that you like the best, it will show in the artwork. Even if you leave it horizontal it still will go with the theme, and the change in layout I think will help make the group more interesting to look at.

  3. Wow, Idle... we're having the same problem. Today finally seems more "normal" for June, but it's been gray and cold and rainy for a couple of weeks. And you're right, cutting lino is no fun in the cold. (In the winter I often set my block on the space heater in my studio for a little bit.)

    Jennifer... I do like that rock, too. And all the texture of the greens in that one. But I'm really drawn to the contrast of that bottom one. (Imperative in B&W images, and useful in color.) Who knows? Maybe I'll try them both. Although not simultaneously if I want to maintain any sanity.

  4. Sanity? Oh, wait, I'm not supposed to be questioning your sanity, am I. ;~) These look like outrageously complex challenges to me, but you're good at that.

    I have tomatoes on my plants. Yours?

  5. Me, I'm drawn to the first one. So I think you have too many good choices. It's not a bad spot to be in.

  6. Hey Sherrie! I vote for the first and last. Love following your blog! I just discovered Everett Ruess and his block prints. Reminded me of yours (or yours his because he's been gone for quite awhile - disappeared in the thirties and they just discovered his remains, but then you probably already knew that). Anyway, just wanted to say "HI"!.

  7. (chortle) I guess I have to do them all, eh? Thanks, you guys. That narrows it down. ;-)