Friday, October 2, 2009

Linocut progress

Color #8 went down on the new linocut today. Three more to go. Eleven. Is that a new record for me? I think so....


  1. It still just completely boggles my mind how you can picture the finished product and know exactly what colors to put where and what to shave away as you carve your way through the block. Amazing!!

  2. It only LOOKS like I know what I'm doing. :-D Color is always the hardest part for me... and there's a fair amount of tweaking that goes on. (That's why I always start with 25% more prints than I want to finish with.. really.)

  3. Ooooh, Idle.... so funny. I saw it in the photo and actually considered reshooting... momentarily embarrassed by my kitchen spoon baren. And then I thought, "Duh. That's the way I work. Maybe no one will notice, anyway."

    Shoulda known. ;-)

    The cool thing about that spoon, I have to say, is that at this point it is actually worn fairly thin on the bottom. I love to rub delicate parts of prints with it because I can actually feel the plate through the spoon!

  4. All I can say is... WOW, WOW, WOW!!


  5. I'm adding my WOW to the mix of comments. This is so fascinating to watch. Thanks so much for sharing.