Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yesterday the summer, today the winter


The Zion trip was so fabulous that I can't even figure out how to write coherently about it. I'll get some scans of sketches up in the next few days, but in the meantime, a few pics from a weary traveler.

Wednesday we early arrivals took a walk along the Virgin River in Springdale to get our desert legs.

Sandy, Beki and Libby looking over the river.

Later that day we moved the whole clan to cabins above the east side of the park. Seventeen of us gathered to hike and draw and visit and exclaim over our extreme good fortune. The weather was stunningly perfect the entire week.

Sarah and Chuck being brave.

Hike to Observation Point. It's a long way down. I didn't get too close to the edge, but I have a couple of drawings from this day that I'll put up later.

Libby being REALLY brave.

I like slot canyons better. No where to go but up from here.

Joy, Sherrie, Libby and Sue wave at immortality.

Indeed, the weather was perfect, but that was yesterday in Utah.

THIS was back home at 8:00 this morning. Snow. All day. Still snowing at 10pm. So much for my new tan!


  1. that view is amazing where Libby is sitting!

  2. Welcome back to the real world. At least it's gorgeous this morning! It sounds like a truly wonderful trip, and I'm glad you could go. May the wonder persist, the sketches continue to inspire you, and the tan not fade anytime soon....

  3. I love the rock art. I'm guessing that it's deep in a canyon?

  4. Love the photos. I'm especially in love with the petroglyph photo and the silhouette (sp?) shot. I guess today, flat shapes appeal.

    We may get some snow mixed with rain tomorrow night. This is relatively normal this time of year in Mid-Michigan, but I am never ready for it. I pine for July/August all winter. That's life. We don't always get what we want.

    Glad you had a great getaway. I had a day trip today with Mom and an art friend. We drove 1 hour down to Ann Arbor, ate great food, visited the university Art Museum and then drove home. Not enough time, but much fun... even in rain pretty much nonstop.

    Love the blog.

  5. Yes, Idle... petroglyphs in the bottom of a small canyon. I'm with Robyn, no head for heights. It made me nervous to even LOOK at Libby... I took the photo by just sort of aiming in her general direction and got lucky.

    Ohhh... Lynn, your art-filled day out sounds lovely!