Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Which way to the employee break room?

I feel like the Paperwork Queen of the Western World. Even if it's virtual paperwork!

I spent untold hours the last few days getting together a new issue of "Fit to Print," my new email newsletter! I am quite excited about it, but finding a nice balance of tone and content turned out to be a little more challenging than I expected. I held my breath when I hit the "send" button, but so far the responses have all been positive. Thanks, everyone!

Of course getting the newsletter together precipitated another falling domino series of tasks. It all started with "update my website," which lead to "build a new basic reduction linocut process page because I write about one in the newsletter" (oops), then to "discover my gallery PayPal links are all busted" and "spend vast amounts of frustrating time trying to find the rogue line of code." And finally, "call for reinforcements." Yeah. That was fun.

In the last couple of days I also spent longer than expected on an application for a workshop, prepped materials for next week's workshop in Monte Vista, delivered work to my framer, had a phone conference with a client, sent files to my fabricator for display panels for an exhibit that installs next Wednesday, started a new lino (all I have so far are 15 sheets of yellow squares, but it's SOMETHING), and cleared my inbox. Twice.

And, no. I haven't even started the tax thing yet. (sigh)

Don't let them tell you an artist's life isn't glamorous and romantic.

The REAL kicker is that it's been gorgeous and spring-like here the last few days. It's a lousy time to be doing virtual paperwork, but the Darling Man and I have at least managed to get out and walk a couple of miles each day.

All admin and no art makes for dull blog posts, I'm sorry to say. But if I get cranky enough it's quite probable that the DM will unplug my computer, hand me a pencil, and lock me out of the house for a few hours. Talk about employee benefits! I am SO lucky.


  1. I hear you!
    On Tuesday we fly to NZ for what looks like being a pressure cooker week.
    Still on the to-do list: do as many as possible pages for the edition of artist's books;read through the MOUNTAINS of paperwork relating to superannuation/retirement/pension stuff/clear away some of the muddle on the kitchen table(daily chore);make sure cats have enough vittles so wonderful neighbour wont have to go shopping;pack bags. Oh, yeah- maybe set up a couple of blog posts...

  2. How do these long lists materialize, I'd like to know! I'm trying to make life simpler, not more complicated, but somehow I'm going in the wrong direction. (sigh) Ah well...