Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No mistake this time!

It's definitely spring! 74 F, breezy.... an hour off to walk to the river and make a sketch.

F Street bridge from behind the Steamplant, Salida.
Dust, dippers, dogs, dirt bikes.


  1. Gorgeous sketch! Wasn't it great to hear the dippers warbling away? The wind seemed to have shut all the other birds up when we walked down though.

  2. Ahhhh!! Memories!

    Beautiful sketch - thank you for sharing.


  3. Salida sure is a beautiful place. Your sketches have a wonderful quality. I feel like I'm sitting along the river with you!

  4. Hey, Susan... can you imagine trying to hear anything sing TODAY? What a wind.

    Lindy... I have just the solution! Come to the Artposium here in May. You'll see the bridge every day.

    And Jill, ditto! Although I have to say that the scenery in Steamboat is no slouch, either.