Thursday, February 24, 2011

Now, where was I?

I'm having a most peculiar morning. Good. But peculiar.

Monday night I came down with the nastiest flu bug I've had in years. (Why oh why do these things always strike in the middle of the night?) I knew I was sick, but it wasn't until this morning when I felt well enough to come in to the studio and make my way through the piles of accumulated stuff that I realized how out of it I was. It feels like I've been away for weeks.

I was even a little surprised to see that I had started a new lino last weekend. Hm. That's a nice yellow rectangle. I wonder what it's for.

It's good to be up and about again... and not just for the amusement of rediscovering what I was doing less than a week ago. Tomorrow I'm headed across the state to the town of Lamar, where I'll teach a field sketching workshop at the High Plains Snow Goose Festival on Saturday. Two days ago it seemed unlikely that I'd make it, but optimism is running high now. (Can you say "thank goodness I did most of the prep work before I got sick"?)

On the way back from Lamar I'll stop in Colorado Springs to take down the show at the Ruth Holley Library and in Manitou Springs to freshen up the work on display at the Green Horse Gallery. By golly, that sounds like a road trip to me!

In the meantime, there's a pile of email to answer and an intriguing box from McClain's to open. Not to mention a lovely "your press has been shipped" message to relish. Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to put it until we get a table built.

So, it's back to reconnecting with the current trajectory of my life, interspersed with some sofa-and-tea interludes. Have a great weekend, everyone... expect print and press and festival updates next week!


  1. Welcome back to the land of the living! Richard's relishing being in the land of the living too, after his wild middle-of-the-night ride in an ambulance to the VA Hospital in Denver, the drain installed in his brain, and waking up from the stupor he had sunk into to discover that there's a living breathing world out there... So it's a good week all around, I say. Hope the taking down, freshening up, and sketching workshop all go well, and being on the road is fun. (Me, I'm staying home for a long time. I've had enough of road trips after that midnight ride!) ;~)

  2. No time to be sick! Glad you have made a strong recovery in time for all the events you've got coming up. And have fun on that road trip :).

  3. Wow, you're so busy that you can't afford to get sick. Glad you're getting better. For any future bugs that try to bring you down, I've always used this product to ward off the flu & it REALLY, REALLY works. I was always able to fight off any colds and flus my high school students could dish out. Check it out.

  4. Can't wait to see what the nice yellow rectangle turns out to be! Glad to hear you're feeling better.

  5. Hey Susan, I'm glad you are both home for a while, although I'm sure not as glad as YOU are.

    Melody... I use that oscillolongnameIcan'tremember, too... but this darn flu came absolutely without warning. Not fair! But thanks for the reminder to always have some on hand.

    No more print progress until next week, I've got a pile of stuff by the door and it's time to put my feet up to encourage further recovery. But I promise you all will be the first to know!

  6. "Your press has been shipped" the best medicine, no doubt!

    Have fun at the festival!