Sunday, April 3, 2011

Splashing to the finish

Alrighty then! The only thing more satisfying than almost-complete prints on the drying rack is complete prints on the drying rack.

It's funny how often I think an image looks pretty good, and then I add one more color and I wonder why I thought the previous step looked complete. It's also funny (in a warped sort of way) how often "one more color" leads to "okay, one MORE color."

Color 10

One last dark just below the duck and the piece is finished. Doesn't have a title yet, though....

11th and final color, linocut, 12 x 9 inches
Click to embiggen

I learned a lot through the process of this particular piece, and I'm already chomping at the bit to tackle some more complex water images. (Wendy, I'm starting to understand your compulsion! ;-) But first I need to get moving on the piece for the haiku project. My efforts so far have been very experimental... it's time for some focus!


  1. SO beautiful, Sherrie! It seems like I can almost see the sunlight glimmering and the shades of yellow and blue changing on the water as I look at it. Wow.

  2. Love it, Sherrie! The reflections are fantastical (is that a word?).

    And I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who uses the word "ducky" ;).

  3. The thing is, I plan each color I do and you just wing it. I am in awe of the lack of control and the beautiful images you create. It would be great to hang out and print together someday. Sigh.
    LOVE this print.

  4. Very nice, I like the shimmering effect of the water, and that final dark is just right.

  5. You are a woman of infinite patience Sherrie! Great result as usual. How many are in the edition?

  6. Gorgeous, Sherrie. I love making prints, although it's been a long time since I've done any. The experience gives me an appreciation for and delight in your work, although I don't need that background to be utterly captivated by your images.

  7. 11 colours! Bravo! Beautiful results. Thanks for sharing the process.

  8. Lovely handling of the water Sherrie. Ripples and reflections are so difficult to get right ... and convincing, yet not overly complicated aren't they?


  9. Wonder-full.

    Sherrie, If you kill the duck
    and don't say "WATER",
    you'd be deep into Abstract Expressionist territory!

    (ps...don't kill the ducky)

  10. thank you thank you...taking us step by step was great, and i have learned to share your excitment. wonderful piece and great education. MORE!

  11. It looks like "Morning Glory" to me!

    I agree...stunning work; liquid gold carved from linoleum.

  12. Well, thanks everyone... your approval is better than a tiara and an arm full of roses. (What?)

    Colin, I'm not sure what the edition will end up. 8-10. I started with 12, and found one of them on top of the file cabinets only half finished! Ugh! I must have taken it off the rack to take a photo and then never put it back in the queue. (sigh) So that one's lost for sure. And there were some minor registration issues on a couple of them that I need to go back and look at to see if they're minor enough.