Monday, April 18, 2011

With apologies to Mr. Keillor...

It's been a quiet week in the print studio.

Well, not really... but what printing has been done has not been fit for public consumption. I seem to be having one of those distracted, printing-for-the-sake-of-doing-something-but-heart-isn't-in-it periods. It happens.

There's hope on the horizon, though. May 7th is the 5th Annual International Print Day in May! (And why not?) I've torn down some paper and I'm drawing up a new block in anticipation. One way or another I'll be printing that day... I hope to see some of you all printing, too!


  1. Oo! I almost forgot. Last year, didn't some of us say we'd do a show-and-tell that day?
    ...scurries away to make note on calendar...

  2. Yeah, it happens. Just recognizing that it does, accepting that, and keep doing something seems to be the best fix.

    Are lots of things starting to explode with blooms in your area? It's approaching peak tulip and daffodil season here in town. A nice pick-me-up when stuff is a bit off in the studio...

  3. Must be something in the air.
    I've had a few days of that. So I forced myself and paid the price - dur a back-to-front image. A quarter finished and three hours in before it dawned on me.
    That'll teach me to go against the flow.

  4. Diane... yep, I'm gonna do a show and tell that day. Hoping some others will, too!

    Sonya... today we're actually having a little bit of rain, a relief from the driest winter I can remember. (And I can remember a lot.) We had almost no snow here in the valley and this is the first rain. (A whopping 4/100 of an inch overnight.) Not much blooming here at all yet.

    Amanda.... I think I saw your back-to-frontness... aggravating to say the least. (sigh) But we keep working anyway!

  5. Ohhhh show and tells are always so inspiring!
    Have a great time.

  6. I know what you mean...but sometimes what I think isn't fit for anything at the time, winds up to be the start of something else entirely. Maybe that's just the magic of creation at work?

    Maybe it's just springtime?

  7. LOL! Not fit for public consumption! Too funny! I have studio full of that!

  8. What is it about the icky (aka, "not fit for public consumption") stuff serving as fertilizer for the "real" stuff?

    Aye, we know the icky gets us to the nifty, but we tend to forget and panic, each time.

  9. Sometimes my best learning and inspirations come only after the sacrifice of some really good paper!