Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fieldwork Friday: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

A cluster of bullfrogs... great fun to draw interlocking shapes!

The DM and I spent the last few days in Colorado Springs, an excursion precipitated by a relief printing demo (by me on Wednesday) and music gigs (by David on Thursday and Friday).

So what to do about Fieldwork Friday when we were running around the city? A trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, of course! The day was spectacular, filled with cloudless blue skies, perfect autumn temps, and no wind. It was also filled with way more people than I usually like when I'm determined to draw, but these days I get to zoos and museums only rarely and I take whatever time I get gratefully.

Cooperative (or semi-cooperative) subjects included wallabies, lizards, fish and frogs. The bearded dragon (lizard above) was very sedate until the moment he caught sight of a parrot. It was full-on agitation after that... such a vigorous display that all I could do was put down my pencil and enjoy the show.

Chub-ably wallaby


  1. It's a big difficult to draw in public because you become another attraction, Sherrie. Good practice in maintaining multiple focus, no?
    I love seeing both your drawings and your commitment to doing them. That's inspirational for me.p

  2. Thanks, Patrick... Multiple foci are challenging for me these days, so I guess practice is good. And even on days when the drawings don't go so well, I'm still glad to have made the attempt.