Saturday, October 29, 2011

Livin' it up on a Friday night

David left yesterday afternoon for a gig on the Front Range and I didn't expect him home until late, so I decided to see what evenings were like in Studio V. Yup. Big happenings on a Friday night.

I'm feeling really manic about printing right now... it's been so long since I've printed just for me that every time I go to the studio I feel like I've had wayyyyy too much caffeine. (Note: pretty much any caffeine is way too much for me, so I tend to avoid it.)
HaveToPrintAsFastAsICanBeforeTheyTellMeIHaveToStopAgain. Or something like that.

The result is three color passes for 5 colors in two days on a brand new linocut. Goofy.

I didn't take a photo of the first pass, which was a very light pseudo-blend of gray to blue. What's a pseudo-blend, you ask? Well. It's one color of ink on one brayer and another color on the other brayer, blended on the block instead of the inking slab. It's a quick-and-dirty solution when I don't have a roller wide enough to ink the entire block, and since most of the middle part where the pseudo-blend occurs will be covered up by other colors.... it's good enough.

The third color, second pass was also very light, but I think you can see it here. Pink! Most of this will be covered up by the....

...third pass, which is another pseudo-blend of green and blue. I think you can tell that the bird bodies will ultimately cover that questionable mingling area.

There's a good bit of carving to do for the next step. I'm imagining a total of 8 passes... we'll see if it turns out that way!

In other news... I found out yesterday that my grandfather was a press operator for Stationers Corporation in California... must have been in the 1940s. Weird, huh? Do you think it's genetic?


  1. Looks like a dandy way to spend one's Friday night if you ask me! I can tell this latest print will be a beauty.

    That is just very cool about your Grandfather, and yeah, I think this sort of thing - artistic direction - has a genetic component to it ;).

  2. Ibis! I'm doing pelicans now.Ibis later...
    Never argue with genetics! :-)

  3. This looks great and only just started, sign of a good piece.
    I agree re genetics. I too am into the "bird theme" .

  4. Sounds like a great way to spend a Friday night to me. ;-] Love the soft colors.

  5. i def. think its genetic. its odd how we often find similarities in family past that we weren't aware of and how similar they are to present day.

  6. oooohhhhh this is looking scrummy. I love hearing the ways that you get around the practical difficulties like not having a big enough brayer. It normally means I've slapped my forehead in a doh! moment. Proof that where theirs a will there's a way.
    have a great week.

  7. It's certainly been an interesting revelation, discovering a print ancestor! I wonder if "fudging" things like blended rolls is an inherited trait, too. ;-)

    I have to do contract work today and it's making me crazy because I want to finish this print!