Monday, October 24, 2011

The Prints are in the Mail

No, really. All 101 tiny woodcuts for the Barenforum 50th print exchange are on their way to the coordinator in Ohio. Gayle's got a big job ahead of her! (I interleaved them with glassine for transport, which is why the top print in the stack looks so mysteriously vague.)

I can't wait to get back my own set of 100 different images from all the exchange participants.

I'm anxious, too, to get back to printing my own stuff. Well, that... and now I REALLY have to turn my attention to my block for the City of the World Monumental Collaborative Puzzle Print project. (Due in December.) I have a rough idea sketched out, just need to get it going.

"Waxwing Waits," 2.5 x 3.5 inches, woodcut


  1. Lovely, as always.
    My way (formerly, California) this silhouette would be a phaenopepla (he's all black/grey with red eyes) and has a lovely song.
    I've never seen a waxwing in real life. Will be happy to get yours.

  2. The giant puzzle print sounds really neat! You sure find fun projects to do. :)
    Any progress with the new press?

  3. Your print looks wonderful, can't wait to see the prints you get in return...

    It will be so exciting for you, like being in a sweetshop and you can have everything.. I'm sure that it will be well worth all the effort..

  4. Thanks, Andrew... do I get to look forward to something "buggy" from you in this exchange?

    Jill... the former guardians of the press and I will get together tomorrow for a little tutorial, and then I continue my quest for a new home for it. (It's hanging out in a friend's garage at the moment.)

    Curious... YES! Like a sweetshop where you can have everything! Perfect simile! Even better... a sweetshop where you can have everything and NOT get a bellyache!

  5. I hope I am in your group of 101! I hope you like mine, too!