Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just for grins: Everyone's a critic

This evening I spent some time looking through photos for some print inspiration and came across these shots from a winter drawing expedition to the Denver Zoo. It was several years and much longer hair ago, but the photos made me laugh. Just thought I'd share. (And, yes, they're in chronological order.)

It's nice to be able to get close to your subjects....
...although they can get sort of pushy...
... and there IS such a thing as TOO close.
No, really. Too close! And the drawing isn't THAT bad.


  1. Love seeing these photos, Sherrie.

    Welcome to my studio. I've 5 parrots, not a turroco?(What is that bird?) Luckily only one small parrot wants to be interactive while I'm working.

  2. I laughed and smiled...I've had dogs pull my hair, but not birds. But then, I've never been that close to birds. I hope your bird friend liked your drawing after all!

  3. What a cutie! He certainly got a laugh here.

  4. Ha ha! Love it - I think he's not so much a critic but expressing what a fan his of your portrait of him ;).

    He's so cute - what kind of bird is he?

  5. Glad to share a giggle with everyone. The critter in question is a Ross's turaco, a native of Africa. I suspect that the boldness of this particular bird means it had been hand-raised in captivity.

    Although I wonder if hair-pulling behavior has some sort of evolutionary advantage.... ;-)

  6. lol, could have been worse, could have left behind a souvenir on the paper ;p

  7. Magic moment, I'd happily suffer the hair pulling. :)


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