Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fieldwork Friday- no, Saturday: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Birds at the Rift Valley area. The kori bustard kept me giggling...
About once every five minutes it would pass my side of the
exhibit yard, usually at a run and ALWAYS with
the intention of tormenting all the egrets and guineafowl
who were trying desperately to mind their own business.

The DM had a gig in Manitou Springs last night and I decided I would tag along. It's (almost) always nice to hang out whilst David's playing music somewhere, and it's extra nice to see the friends we stay with when we travel, but I had an ulterior motive for a journey to the city. I wanted to go draw some critters at the zoo this morning.

The weather has been ridiculously fine for January, so I was a little worried that hordes of other folks would want to be at the zoo on a Saturday, too. (I almost NEVER go to such places on weekends, especially if I want to draw.) It was busy, but not horribly so, and I managed a few decent sketches. Mostly I had pages of drivel... starts and starts and starts that went nowhere, but it felt great to move a pencil around.

Boreal toads and a sleeping pot-bellied pig named "AL-ouicious".

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  1. Sherrie,

    Better a pig named Al-ouicious, than Ah-delicious!

    Always enjoy seeing your drawings, helps my resolution to draw more this year.