Monday, March 26, 2012

Exhibition News Update

It's been a tad chaotic here the last week or so... still stumbling along in Admin mode. I shipped some work off to a show, ticked the last of the current jury deadlines off my to-do list, and THEN... responses to the last batch of applications started to come in. So far everyone's saying YES! Eek!

First: I was accepted to the Crested Butte Arts Festival in August. I haven't ever participated in an art festival before, but some friends have been encouraging (read: arm-twisting) me to give it a try so I sent off an application. It's a nice show, exhibiting typically strong work and enjoying good crowds. I'm delighted with the acceptance, but a tad overwhelmed about the logistics of it all.

Then: Because of a little scheduling hiccup at the Paquette Gallery in Salida, my October show has been moved to MAY! Thankfully I've got plenty of work on hand at the moment, although you can bet my framer's not going to be happy with me this week.

And then, (drumroll please) the biggest news of all:
Way back in 1994, I was invited to participate in an art and conservation project in the Extremadura region of Spain. The project was the brainchild of the recently-launched, Netherlands-based, Artists for Nature Foundation (ANF), and through it I met remarkable international artists who have become not only respected colleagues but some of my dearest friends.

So here we are in 2012... and it's ANF's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, ANF will hold an exhibition and Jubilee weekend in De Bilt, Netherlands in May.... and I'm going to be there! The trip was not on my radar at all, but everything seemed to happen all at once and off I go. Can't. Wait.

Of course this means that I have to cram April AND May's tasks in to April... but it's a small price to pay to connect with an organization and people who mean so much to me. Sheesh. What am I doing dinking around online? Gotta get to work!


  1. So exciting, and international travel, even! Congrats on the acceptances and I hope the festivals are a success :).