Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pas de Ducks... the big finish

As usual, the process of finishing a reduction print slowed down as more layers of ink were applied and drying times increased. But I think we're finally there...

When we last left our feathered heros, the pattern of the water reflection was just getting established. Here's a little reminder, in case you forgot:

Color 17 (again)

This was, quite surprisingly, color 17 for the image. A new Sherrie record. Thankfully there aren't seventeen colors stacked up over the entire surface of the image, or I would have pulled my hair out long before now.

The next pass was another blue... (why not?)

Color 18, and hmmm... I think this was shot
in the evening under entirely artificial light, don't you?

And then... well... it's difficult to see in this shot and this light. My new 8-inch brayer was put to work applying a transparent gray that blended cool-to-warm from top to bottom. Just to keep things from looking too flat.

Color 19.

And then Color 20. AND Color 21. Yeah. It happened. Couldn't help it. The left side of the image, up to and a little bit around the ducks is one medium-dark gray. The upper right corner was inked a paler gray. The dark just got too busy when it was everywhere.

On the top, Colors 20 and 21.
You'll laugh out loud now when you read the words "I didn't want things to get out of control..." but I wanted a skosh (spelling?) more contrast in the darkest reflection. A little more carving and...

Color 22 and finished. I think.

I'm struggling to get a decent shot of this piece (I can never get the range of blues right, plus there's wet ink glare), but I think it's done. I've developed a bad habit of second-guessing myself lately... so it's time to step away and work on something else for a bit. I'll look at it again in a week or so and see how I feel about it.

Until then, I need to come up with an image I can produce in just five colors. Because for some reason there seems to be some skepticism about my ability to do so. I can't imagine why.


  1. The Great Sherrie York reduced to five colours?
    Now that'll be an eye-opener!

  2. It's absolutely stunning! Such a pleasure seeing it develop. Thank you for sharing the process.

  3. So beautiful! I love what you have done with the ripples and reflection on the water.

  4. :-) Yeah, should be amusing, eh Dinah? I remember when 5 seemed like a lot.

    The water was fun to carve. The crazy reflection is of a railing on a fishing dock...

  5. shouldn't there be a 1 before that 5? ;)

    great job with this :) love all the shapes in the water